Elisabeth Kern, Director at HappyToons Studio has been running her successful music studio for over 10 years. She coordinates and directs music lessons for more than 30 students weekly. She enjoys seeing the progress each of the students make at several concerts she organizes for them during the year. She has a passion for teaching violin to students of all ages. Besides teaching private lessons she is also teaching violin ensemble classes from elementary to high school levels. She is making sure her students have opportunities to perform in community orchestras and supports each of them to develop their full potential.

Elisabeth is serving as VP of Student Activities on the board of the local Music Teachers Association Suburban Northwest and is attending their yearly conferences. Through these connections her students get the opportunity to perform in local competitions, festivals, performances and Achievement Day.

Elisabeth is an active performer and soloist who can be heard performing at local venues and with the Ptarmigan Classical and Rock String Quartet at weddings and parties. 

Dhita Pettit from 'Dhita Pettit Piano Studio' is joining forces with HappyToons and she is collaborating as piano teacher and collaborative pianist. She not only teaches at HappyToons but is also willing to drive to your house to teach so you don't have to worry about driving anywhere. Dhita has a longstanding love for music and a passion for teaching. It is her goal to accompany you in your musical journey and to help you develop your own love and skills in music. She is offering piano lessons to all ages and levels. If the student has been learning for 2 years or more Dhita usually recommends using the Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada) Celebration Series. It is a nice system with 11 levels. Each of the books has repertoire from the 4 major periods of music (Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern) and etudes, and they also provide technical skills requirements for each level. At the end of each book, a student can take an adjudicated examination. Even if a student decides that he/she does not want to take the examination at least we know what skills and knowledge he/she needs to master before moving on to the next level. She also give students the freedom to pick a song that they would like to play outside of the Royal Conservatory books. 

Dhita is also an accomplished accompanist for musicians and choirs.

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